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    I am doing fabulous according to my diabetes educators
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     Diabetic Classes: Diabetes Education Classes
    Diabetes Classes - Education Classes by State

    Hello & welcome to the Diabetes Classes website!

    My name is Christine Carlson and I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator.  I created Diabetes Classes several years ago after my dad was diagnosed with Diabetes.  Diabetes Classes is a website with a comprehensive list of diabetes education classes sorted by state.

    Search for a Diabetes Class in your state below!

    Please feel free to contact me with questions.  My e-mail is nutrition@GlucoMenu.com

    Christine Carlson, Registered Dietitian &
    Certified Diabetes Educator

    I am a Diabetes Educator, add my contact information to your online database.

    Diabetes Classes by State

    The links below provide a listing of credentialed Diabetes Educators with expertise in areas including nutrition, nursing, pharmacology, occupational therapy, optometry, physical therapy, medicine, and podiatry.

    Alabama - Diabetes education classes, day & evening

    Alaska - Diabetes education by appointment

    Arizona - ADA recognized diabetes education

    Arkansas - Diabetes classes & one on one

    California - Diabetes classes small groups ADA certified program

    Colorado - Diabetes classes ongoing ADA certified

    Connecticut - Medicare and most insurances accepted

    Florida - Many classes and diabetes programs offered

    Georgia - Comprehensive diabetes programs

    Hawaii - Individualized one on one diabetes education ADA recognized

    Idaho - ADA recognized program

    Illinois - Diabetes support group & one-on-one sessions

    Indiana - Diabetes support group

    Iowa - Small group with individualized assessment

    Kentucky - Individualized one on one diabetes education

    Louisiana - Diabetes Self Management Education Program DSME

    Maryland - 10 hours diabetes self management education

    Massachusetts - Diabetes Education

    Michigan - Individualized instruction

    Minnesota - Diabetes education groups

    Mississippi - ADA Recognized Program

    Missouri - Individualized nutrition counseling & diabetes education

    Nevada - Diabetes in general (meters, nutrition, exercise)

    New Jersey - Diabetes education and nutritional counseling

    New Mexico - ADA recognized program, Diabetes Self Management Training

    New York - Diabetes support group, Diabetic Education classes

    North Carolina - Meal planning, complications, self management, medications

    Ohio - New Technology/Insulin Pump/Glucose Sensors

    Oklahoma - Four, two hour classes conducted monthly

    Oregon - American Diabetes Association Recognized Program

    Pennsylvania - ADA Recognized Program

    South Carolina - Meal planning, exercise, foot care, monitoring

    Tennessee - ADA recognized programs

    Texas - Weight management, meal planning, ADA recognized program

    Utah - Diabetes and Nutrition Education

    Virginia - Dietitian, nurse, trainer, supermarket class

    Washington - Indivualized nutrition counseling and diabetes management

    West Virginia - Comprehensive diabetes classes

    Wisconsin - Diabetes education by appointment

    Wyoming - Diabetes education and suppor group

    Diabetes Classes Outside the U.S.

    Mexico - Especialmente para diabeticos que usan insulina

    The Diabetes Classes database is a free service provided by GlucoMenu.  If you are a diabetes educator you are welcome to add your diabetes classes or other diabetes education information.  Diabetes classes are listed by state and visited frequently by those seeking diabetes class and other diabetes education or diabetes consultation.  If possible, we kindly request a link back to the Diabetes Classes website.

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